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Art Matters is the endowment and capital campaign for the Columbus Museum of Art. The Museum has a bold mission: great experiences with great art for everyone. This is your chance to be an integral part of it. Like most things we treasure, art requires careful stewardship and continual reinvestment. An investment in the Columbus Museum of Art is an investment in the very fabric of our community: one with clear economic and cultural rewards and immeasurable value. We invite everyone—those who value great experiences with art, those who embrace the Museum and its mission, those who seek to make a tangible impact in our community – to invest now in the Columbus Museum of Art. Join us in declaring ART MATTERS.

The ultimate goal of the Art Matters capital and endowment campaign is to raise $93 million to support this mission. To date the Museum has raised $86.2 million.

For information about the Art Matters campaign, please contact Sarah Rogers at 614.629.0311 or