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Only a few more weeks until In Monet’s Garden opens at CMA!!!! Big excitement for all of us, not to mention the craziness that surrounds any exhibition opening. Bringing together works from more than 45 different lenders around the world, including Paris, New York, LA, and a few pieces making their way from Paris via Seoul, South Korea is no small feat, but I’m sure it will be another amazing show and we’ll all be thrilled to see it come together after what seems like an endless series of meetings, requests, phone calls, events, and trips.

It’s been interesting to discover Monet’s many connections to Columbus. It turns out that Columbus artist Theodore Butler, whose works are included in the exhibition was married to not one, but two of Monet’s step-daughters. But before Monet would bless the marriage, he had friends and associates verify Butler’s family’s status in Columbus, both financial and social. Too bad he couldn’t Google him.

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  1. wishing the Museum great sucess and a wonderful exhibit – Aileen Bordman Monet’s Palate™

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