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If you haven’t already seen our Objects of Wonder from The Ohio State University, you need to stop by and explore this incredible exhibition. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. We’ve brought together objects from every corner of OSU and I can honestly say there is something for everyone in this show. From the curious to the truly breathtaking, I promise, you’ll find something that speaks to you.


Every time I go through the galleries I find a new personal favorite. Right now, two of my favorite pieces are the Japanese Carrier Shell and this lovely little hat from Bergdorf Goodman’s.


Japanes Carrier Shell and Hat from Bergdorf Goodman’s

Japanes Carrier Shell and Hat from Bergdorf Goodman’s

The shell intrigues me because, while they are incapable of personalities as we know them, these fascinating creatures individualize themselves with the shells they select to cover their exteriors. Sadly, if they aren’t able to find shells, they’ve been known to cloak themselves in the litter they find on the sea floor, sometimes even utilizing discarded bottle caps. The one in our exhibition is covered almost entirely in white shells, with just a few little red ones that give it a splash of color. Placed next to the hat, you see the startling similarities between the natural world and the world of design, making vividly apparent the way artistic expression draws on the environment around us. Be careful not to miss these pieces, just approach the giant man-eating clam(which you can’t miss), and turn to the wall at your left.


I would love to hear what favorite thing you’ve found in the exhibition. Is it the wedding dress crafted from a WW II German parachute, the scripts from the original Star Trek television series (don’t forget to watch the scene on the nearby touchscreen tv), the Thomas Moran painting, or maybe Woody Hayes’ film projector (turns out he was one of the first to use film as a teaching tool)? Leave a comment and tell me what objects have resonated with you and why. Remember, Art Speaks, I’m inviting you to join the conversation.

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  1. kat moya says:

    excellent exhibit, i even recognized a few things…

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