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The next time you are at CMA, I want you to find this painting, Wind by Agnes Martin, located in the upstairs hall just outside of Gallery 5. It is a recent gift from Arne and Milly Glimcher. Arne is founder and director of Pace Art Gallery in New York which represents some of the most notable names in the art world. But, more importantly, his family has very deep ties to the cultural community in Columbus. In fact, his mother Eva, opened a branch of the Pace Gallery in Columbus and was instrumental in helping CMA acquire the wonderful Louise Nevelson piece, Sky Cathedral: Night Wall, that sits just outside of our Derby Court. And, of course, his brother Herb and his wife Dee Dee have long played an important role in the Columbus arts community. This gift honors his family’s commitment to both Columbus and the arts.



What I love about this painting is that it demands that you actually see it in person. As you can see, it hates to be photographed, something I can identify with myself. It is one of those pieces that rewards you for making the pilgrimage to spend time with it. The longer you look, the more you see. I encourage you to come explore and learn more about the piece, hear what it has to say to you. I’ve also recorded one of our cell phone stops about the piece, and the great thing is that you can call from anywhere to hear more about it. Just dial 614.448.5095, the prompt is 300#. And Mary Gray of the Riffe Gallery, with that wonderful voice of hers, recorded a poem by Agnes Martin as well, just dial 301# to listen to it.


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Nannette Maciejunes

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