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Painting Prodigies

Every few years it seems a child artist gets some media attention. Here’s the latest, featured in a YouTube video.

One thing they don’t mention in the linked video, but which is included in this article, is that the child’s father is an art dealer. Anyone who’s seen My Kid Could Paint That, a very interesting documentary about another child artist, will remember that the father in that story was himself an artist who at some time had professional ambitions. In both cases the parents have played a big part in the kids’ painting activities… Do you think it’s encouragement or manipulation?

I just hope the kids enjoy what they’re doing. At least one of these child prodigies stuck with it, continuing on to a career in art as an adult after gaining some fame at age eight.

I must  point out that at CMA, our family programs are NOT meant to train children in the techniques and skills of drawing, painting, etc., but are meant to encourage families to engage in all kinds of creative activities at a variety of levels.

That said, it would be interesting to hear what YOU think of these child prodigies. Let us know in the comments.

-Jeff Sims
Educator for Adult Programs/Multimedia Producer

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