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If you’re on the internet much, you’ve probably come across TED talk videos. If you haven’t, then today’s your lucky day, because TED talks, in my opinion, provide some of the best content available on web. To quote their website, TED is “is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.” They hold an annual conference in Long Beach, CA, and provide videos of lectures for free.

The renovation of CMA’s original 1931 building includes the auditorium.We’ll be getting new seats(!), new lighting, new sound system, and a recording and webcasting system that will allow us to produce videos like the TED talks and distribute them easily on the web. Soon, all of the lectures presented in the auditorium will be available to a much wider audience via high-quality video.

A core value of our educational mission is creativity, and much of the programming we present will be focused on that. A simple search for keyword “creativity” on the TED site brings up a long list of interesting videos. Here are two that I enjoyed: Amy Tan on creativity and Tim Brown on creativity and play. These videos, and all the other TED search results for “creativity,” clearly show how important creativity is to many subject areas outside the arts. Creative problem solving and innovation really are important to any endeavor. Best of all, creativity isn’t just an innate quality we’re born with. We really can learn to be more creative!

-Jeff Sims, Educator for Adult Programs/Multimedia Producer

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