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Film Program at CMA

After the renovation of CMA’s original 1931 building, and specifically the transformation of our auditorium, we will launch a revitalized film program. The auditorium’s new projection system, new sound system, and NEW SEATS will make for a dramatically improved viewing experience.

Film programs at museums are very common, and usually focus on screening foreign and domestic art films (that is, films that are artfully made, critically-acclaimed, and that offer an alternative to big-budget Hollywood fare), films important to the history of the medium, films made by art world personalities, experimental films, and documentaries.

Since the Wexner Center already does such a great job presenting this type of program, we want to do something different.

Conversation is a core value to CMA, and any film program we organize will be designed specifically to promote audience discussion. Years ago, when the OSU Photography and Cinema Alumni Society worked with us to present Friday-night screenings, the pre- and post-movie discussions were frequently the highlight of the night. The social interactions prompted by the screenings were what kept audiences coming back.

So, in the spirit of promoting conversation with our audience, I’d like to ask what kinds of film programming folks would like to see at CMA in the future. Would you like to see forgotten Hollywood classics, hosted by a film historian? Would you be interested in a 3-week Saturday afternoon film theory course? Would you rather watch full features or excerpted clips hosted by a guest lecturer? Have an innovative idea no other museum has presented? Let us know in the comments!

-Jeff Sims, Educator for Adult Programming/Multimedia Producer

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2 Responses to Film Program at CMA

  1. Ben says:

    It all sounds good to me!

  2. Thomas Deliduka says:

    I think it would be pretty fun to have “Night at the Museum” once. Just for fun. Otherwise, it may be fun also, perhaps around Halloween, to have a thriller to scare everyone at an evening showing late.

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