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So Much Happening!

I work here and I realize that we have so much going on at any given time that it is hard to stay current on what is happening here.  It becomes my mission to do so mainly because I want the membership to realize all of the wonderful things that happen here because of them and for them.  For instance, right now we are taking RSVP for the Member’s Preview of Chihuly Illuminated.  Art Ball and ArtFUSION take place on October 3 and then October 11th is Chihuly Family Sunday.  Those are the easy ones to remember though because I am directly involved.  There are several talks, Art Challenges, Art Book Club, the “Remembering Russel” event and more just in September!

All I can say is keep visiting our website and stay up on your reading of the magazine so that you won’t miss even one opportunity here at the museum!

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Posted in In Monet's Garden: The Lure of Giverny

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