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Exciting Week

Giving you a little technology update at the museum here. This week we installed our new network switches that will power our computer systems. I can’t show you everything Access Switch Stack but I can show you the stack to the right. Many of you won’t know what that is, others will. What you should know is without that stack and the wonderful help of our contractors, none of the computers in Beaton Hall would work!

Next week is the final push with a new phone system being installed and at the end of the week staff moves over! This is a very exciting time. I know we have not added too many new photos to the Flickr Construction Gallery, but I hope to add more soon.  I look forward to serving the museum from my new office in Beaton Hall.

~Thomas Deliduka
Director of Information Technology

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  1. [...] I wrote before about how we’re installing a new network here at the Art Museum. Well, during the transition period we had to keep the old system online before taking it down. Two weeks ago our old network was shut down for good!  For you techies out there, we had an old network made up of four (at it’s maximum) Accelar 1200 Nortel Switches. [...]

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