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Saying a fond farewell…

Since 1998, we have had the pleasure of displaying a wonderful George Bellows portrait of William Oxley Thompson, who served as the president of The Ohio State University for 26 years. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing this treasure with the Columbus community.

Recently, however, the piece was installed on the 1st floor of the newly renovated Main Library, the Thompson Library, just outside of their new gallery space. I was delighted to be there to watch Don Shackelford, a good friend of both OSU and the Museum, unveil the piece in it’s new home. And, while we will miss having it here at CMA, I can’t think of a more fitting place for it.




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2 Responses to Saying a fond farewell…

  1. Amber says:

    It does sound like a fitting place for his portrait.

  2. Dave Davisson says:

    Prexy’s come home! Wish my grandfather (’26) were here to see it and tell stories to my kids.

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