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Thank you, Contemporaries!!

This week we had the pleasure of finally receiving one of our newest acquisitions, an amazing drawing by Ahmed Alsoudani.  The Contemporaries, our support and interest group that focuses on contemporary art and photography, voted to acquire the work for the museum last April.  The work was scheduled to be included in a solo exhibition at Goff + Rosenthal ‘s Berlin space this Fall, so we had to wait until the show closed to receive the work.


Alsoudani left Bagdad in 1999 after he and his family lost everything during Saddam’s regime.  After arriving in the United States, he worked his way through the Maine College of Art and later received his MFA from Yale University.

Alsoudani’s imagery is based on his experience of intense political turmoil, but also belongs to the long tradition in art history of depictions of war and atrocity.  In reference to Alsoudani’s work, critics have cited Picasso’s Guernica and Goya’s Disasters of War paintings.  Alsoudani’s paintings are similarly monumental in size, but contain a fluidity and vibrancy all his own.

We’re excited to be able to include this drawing when we unveil our new installation of the permanent collection after renovations have been completed.  In the meantime, pick up Ahmed Alsoudani, a monograph with an essay by Shamim Momin, recently published by Hatje Canz Verlag.

~Lisa Dent
Associate Curator of Contemporary Art

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