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New York – Part 3

After visiting the Met and the Guggenheim, I moved on to The Jewish Museum for their Man Ray exhibition, Alias Man Ray: The Art of Reinvention. The show is fantastic, but was really exciting for me because CMA loaned 4 works from our permanent collection for the exhibition. It’s always interesting to see our pieces in new surroundings and (sorry if I sound like a proud parent here) they looked fabulous.

I also took the opportunity to visit the Rubin Musuem of Art in Chelsea. It is a jewel-like museum that houses a comprehensive collection of art from the Himalayas and surrounding areas. They do a remarkable job of connecting visitors iwth art that is very unfamiliar to them. They also serve a fabulous cup of properly brewed tea, a real bonus for me.

The main focus of my visit was to see The Red Book of CG. Jung, the first public presentation of what may be considered psychology’s most influential unpublished work. The have the actual book on display, but it was kind of funny because I was only able to see 2 pages of the book. They turn the pages every Wednesday, so you have to come back each week to see the next installment.

My trip ended with a really fabulous surprise. I have a friend in the city who runs a gallery. Her youngest child is a musical theater maniac and we all went to see the revival of South Pacific that is currently playing at Lincoln Center. It was wonderful to hear her middle-schooler singing the entire score and I enjoyed it so much, I bought the soundtrack when I got home.

And stay tuned, during my visit I made a stop at Christie’s and there may be a little surprise in the CMA stocking this year.

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Nannette Maciejunes, CMA Executive Director

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