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Early Snow Removal

I’m sitting here watching the snow come down outside and talking with a colleague. The conversation came around to weather and snow removal of all things. She told me that New York uses garbage trucks to plow and remove the snow, heating it once it’s been collected until it melts. It reminded me of this wonderful George Bellows painting in our collection called Snow Dumpers.

Years ago, people would shovel the snow into these huge, horse-drawn wagons, that they would then back up to the river and dump the snow into the water. A little more labor-intensive than our current methods I would think, but it makes a wonderful picture. Enjoy!

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Nannette Maciejunes
CMA Executive Director


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2 Responses to Early Snow Removal

  1. Janet Hannaway says:

    I had this work for Art in Bloom last year and really enjoyed it. Nice to see it posted here. Looking forward to this year’s exhibit. Thank you.

  2. Laura Miller says:

    Wonderful thoughts! Didn’t know the history of snow removal,so glad I’m living in te 21st century. It’s great to be reminded that art IS life.

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