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A visit to the Sunshine State

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Association of Art Museum Directors annual midwinter meeting in Sarasota, Florida. AAMD members are directors of art museums in the United States, Canada, and Mexico which meet the standards set forth by AAMD. The Association maintains a ceiling of 200 members. Members meet twice a year to share ideas about issues facing museums and brainstorm about fundraising, exhibitions, content, etc.

I flew into Gainesville a day before the conference began, and brought with me the coldest weather they’ve seen in forever, so that I could take part in the pre-conference activities they had arranged for us.

We were treated to a wonderful tour of the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art in Gainesville. The Museum itself is incredibly welcoming and I was really surprised by their Asian and African collections which were just wonderful.

We were also treated to tour of a private collection while we were in Gainesville. The homeowners have an amazing collection of Mondern and Contemporary art. In fact, they’ve now filled their home and are creating this beautiful sculpture garden on the hundreds of acres surrounding the house. As a museum director, the thing I loved most is that they intend to donate the collection to the Harn one day. Private collectors make such a huge difference for museums. Their generosity is key to helping us build our collections. Columbus has benefitted greatly from the generosity of local collectors and I was reminded of that during this visit.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about my visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Child of the Sun campus at Florida Southern College.

Art Speaks. Join the Conversation.
Nannette V. Maciejunes
CMA Executive Director

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