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We spent Wednesday in Alexandria. A totally different city from Cairo. 

It’s Greco-Roman roots are still very evident. This is the ruins of the Roman ampitheatre. It is an active archaeological site. Plus they have in recent years pulled  a lot of objects from beneath the water which have been there since ancient times. A local diver was the one who kept after everyone telling them that there were treasures down there. Finally people started listen. Great blow up photos of objects being pulled from the water — see next images.




 Centuries under water.





We spent yesterday PM. at the new Alexandrian Library. Incredible architecture.The original Alexandrian Library was the largest and most important library of the Ancient world — in fact it was one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world. The exact date and circumstances of it’s loss us still a point of debate among scholars. The new library has an ambitious agenda to match its historical roots. Check out the website. 

Like many new libraries it has exhibition spaces. In one of the spaces was a contemporary art exhibition by the head of the art department at the University in Alexandria — Abdel-Salam Eid. The installations of oversized books more than 4 ft tall made of rope, fabric and shells were particularly memorable. The artist is so significant to contemporary art in Egypt that the Library is doing a series of shows covering his entire career.









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