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More changes…

This past weekend, it rained in Derby Court for the first time in nearly 60 years. The court was originally an open-air court, but was covered in the 1950s. We’ve begun removing the roof to make way for the vaulted-glass skylight that will be added as part of the renovation.




This is Gallery 10, shades of the past. You can see the darker squares of paint where the paintings hung until last October.




These are pictures of floor in one of the galleries. We’re testing different finishes, light or dark, hmmm…





Angela Pace of WBNS 10 TV stopped in for a tour of the ongoing renovations.




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Nannette Maciejunes
CMA Executive Director

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3 Responses to More changes…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Dark please!

  2. Kevin Byrd says:


    I really enjoy reading your blog entries. They are very informative and entertaining.

    I am curious to know if you and/or your staff are aware of the upcoming auction lot in the link that follows:

    I am a fan and collector of Burkhart, and from what I know, this is one of his better known works, especially in the self-portait category. Is there any chance the CMA might consider trying to add this work to their Burkhart collection? I attended Michael Hall’s book launch event, and I recall that you mentioned that the museum already has more than enough Burkhart paintings, but this one is pretty special, don’t you agree? I think it belongs here in Columbus. Your thoughts?

  3. cma_blog says:

    Thank you Kevin, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Yes, we are aware of the auction. It is exciting to see an artist long-admired in the Columbus community is getting wider attention. The art world is looking anew at figurative painting — especially those artists who worked or continue to work in communities like Columbus, like Pierce, Bellows, Aminah, and of course, Burkhart. CMA owns a wonderful Burkhart self-portrait.

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