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Southward Expansion

Yes, Southward, not Westward this time. Our computer network at the CMA is growing!  Many of you know the main building that was built in 1931 is under renovation right now. Well, along with that, we’ll need computer operations throughout the building.

Cables being expanded.For those of you who don’t know about or don’t care about networks, we have  a main room where everything is kept and then we have closets in other locations to expand the network since there are limitations on how long cable can be.  The picture to the right (click to see it larger) is the top of the network racks. There is massive amounts of conduit through the building and here is the central location where these wires run. It’s a mess right now because we’re still installing, but this is exciting for any computer geek such as myself.

Wires on the groundFrom here you can see the massive amounts of wire that are used throughout the building and they are collecting here. There’s Cat-6 network cabling, Fiber and Coaxial cable for television service. And yes, it’s all labeled so we know where they are going on the other end!

Lastly, you can see a closer picture of the conduit that runs into this room. Each one goes to a different location in the bulding to supply those areas. The engineering involved with this is truly amazing. I admire the men and women involved with planning all this, running conduit and pulling all these wires. In some cases doing these things while crawling through damp dark crawl spaces. Great job everyone!

Closeup on the conduit

All this cabling will help to supply you, the visitor, with great experiences with great art. Whether it be the people at the front desk taking your membership card, watching a video or presentation in the Cardinal Health Auditorium, or sitting in a gallery with your laptop surfing the internet. This cabling work here is like the nerve center of the museum reaching all the corners making the little things happen to make your experience that much better.  It’s all worth it.

~Thomas Deliduka
Director of Information Technology

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