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World’s Largest Digital Photo Image

Up until recently, the largest digital photo was a 45-gigapixel image of Dubai.  Well, now has an article up on their site highlighting the latest in the world record seekers for the largest digital photo in the world. 70-gigapixels!

Consider your camera, what size is it? Probably 8-Megapixels, perhaps 10?  Now consider that one Gigapixel is 1,000 Megapixels. This picture is that large! The weighs in at 200GB of space. That’s larger than most laptop hard drives.

The group used a 25-Megapixel camera with a robotic tripod over two days to complete this work. Check out the article here and follow their link to the original site. There are many “easter eggs” to see where you can zoom in super far to see amazing detail.

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2 Responses to World’s Largest Digital Photo Image

  1. Pablo says:


  2. Wow. How long until this is a standard option on cameras I wonder?

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