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A Great Week for CMA

It has been a busy and exciting week. The Museum received  Proclamation from the City of Columbus recognizing CMA for our participation in the Museo Nacional de Belles Artes’  exhibition Centenario: Exposición Internacional: Del Pasado al Presente in Santiago, Chile. And yesterday, I attended the YWCA’s Annual Woman to Woman event which brings together 1,000 women, spanning generations and backgrounds, to learn more about the YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women—and how they can be part of it.

The event was incredibly energizing. Throughout the event, we were asked to examine how one individual reaching out to another individual actually creates a ripple effect that impacts and changes the lives of many people. And it’s true, each action we take toward another individual has the capacity to affect everyone in their lives.

I was able to talk to many women at the event and brainstorm ideas about how the Museum and our new Center for Creativity might be one of those catalyst for change in the lives of the people we touch. I’m excited about the many possibilities.

Art Speaks. Join the Conversation.
Nannette Maciejunes
CMA Executive Director

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