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The art is back!  Masterpieces are currently being reinstalled in the renovated CMA. On a recent (unofficial, unsanctioned) tour of the Museum’s reinvigorated galleries, I got an exciting peek at the process of re-imaging our collection. In Derby Court, exquisite forms of glass in every hue in the oversize Crayola box covered the floor as staff meticulously cleaned and assembled Dale Chihuly’s magnificent End of Day sculpture. The entire process took the better part of a week but the end result is stunning.  Next to Derby Court, an impressive, new sculpture gallery has already blossomed in the West Hallway – the quirky Host by Elie Nadelman shares space with Medardo Rosso’s Head of a Young Woman and Auguste Rodin’s Torso of the Walking and more.  Down the hall in Gallery 1, preparators are making progress on bringing Bellows and the American Experience to life. It’s beginning to look a lot like a new CMA.

Art Speaks. Join the Conversation.
Melissa Ferguson
CMA Director of Marketing and Communications

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