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It’s been a long time since I have put an update on the blog about the technology usage here at the CMA. As I have mentioned before, people have asked me what the heck the Museum does with technology, well, we’ve really increased our technology footprint here in the last few months. Here are some of the examples.

Ground Control
Our newly renovated elevator in the Elizabeth M. and Richard M. Ross Building houses a 30″ flat panel monitor that displays a moving piece of art. The device is powered by a computer on the Elevator that has a solid-state hard drive to avoid problems with vibration. As far as we know, nobody in Ohio has anything like this type of setup.

Love Shack
The CMA Love Shack is housed in Gallery 10 the “Love and War” Gallery. The Love Shack enables you to share your thoughts on what you think love is to a camera which records your 40-second video. Then after a short approval process, your video is uploaded to and displayed on the monitor on the outside of the loveshack. If you’re here at the Museum come record your story and see it online.

The Wonder Room
In the wonder room, we have a couple of screens which display the welcome to the Wonder Room video and a looping video with ideas on being creative with your children.

Family Gallery
In the family gallery there are a few videos along with others dotted throughout the museum. Come check those out and see what you can learn from the content produced by our own Jeff Sims.

The Auditorium
Finally the Cardinal Health Auditorium is a technology beast!  Not only do we have a new HD projector and are capable of HD video and displays from multiple sources. We have a sophisticated sound board and lighting console to take full advantage of programming like the CMA Game Show. We also have a three-camera shoot capability to give you multiple angles and Live Streaming!  Just about anything you want to do in our Auditorium, you can do. Just ask!

The amazing improvements we’ve made to the Art Museum over the last 10 months is astounding. Come visit today!

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