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Art Escapes in Paris

view from Hotel Regina

Yesterday we arrived in Paris and checked into the Hotel Regina. It is situated next to the Louvre. Some may recall part of the Bourne Identity was filmed here.

Then we visited the Gustave Moreau Museum. Moreau arranged everything in his family home and studio just as he wanted it to appear to the public in his museum after his death. We had wine and cheese among his paintings in the large exhibition room.  It looks just as it would have in the late 19th century when the neighborhood was filled with artists.

We had an amazing dinner at the restaurant 1728 just up the street from the French president’s home. The restaurant building was originally owned by the Marquis de Lafayette during the later years of his life.

This morning we began our day with a tour of the National Museum of the Modern Age — also known as the Cluny. We saw the heads of the kings of Judah which used to be on the facade of Notre Dame. During the revolution, they were cut off because they all had crowns. The tour ended with the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries, which were the subject of one of our Art Book Club talks. The owner of the Gallerie Chevalier answered our questions about medieval and contemporary tapestries in her gallery on the Quai Voltaire.

Lunch in the Tuleries was followed by a private tour of the Louvre Conservation Lab. This evening we will attend a Vivaldi concert at Sainte Chappelle.

Art Speaks. Join the Conversation.

Nancy Turner, Director of Community Relations

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One Response to Art Escapes in Paris

  1. Phyllis Missildine says:

    My husband and I are CMA members. We have enjoyed many of the Art Escapes trips recently. We did miss the chance to experience the Paris trip in 2012 and would love to know if CMA is considering similar trips to Europe for 2013.

    Phyllis M.

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