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Top 10 CMA Holiday Gifts to Spark Creativity

During the holidays, we celebrate family traditions, teaching our children about generosity, peace, and goodwill. We share with one another, giving of ourselves, of our time and of our homes. And, somewhere along the line, we still have to find time for holiday shopping. The Columbus Museum of Art Museum Store offers a wide variety of unique gift ideas for the children on your list that will not only elicit oohs and ahhs, but spark your child’s creativity.

1. Playfoam $10.95

Just squish the Playfoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start all over again.  Never dries out!

2. Pattern Play $36

Create endless freeform designs with Pattern Play wooden blocks or learn to replicate patterns using the 40 illustrated cards, included with each set.

3. My Life According to Me $14.95

A journal for girls with inspiring little questions, fun quizzes, drawing and writing ideas and plenty of blank space.

4. This is Not a Book $12.95

In this uniquely skewed look at the purpose and function of “a book,” Keri Smith offers an illustrated guide that asks readers to creatively examine all the different ways This Is Not a Book can be used.

5. Whatchamadrawit $19.95

The fast-action, fun-filled drawing game includes 110 Whatchamadrawit cards to get your creative juices flowing and a timer to get your competitive spirit going.

6. Supposing (by Alastair Reid, illustrated by Bob Gill) $15.95

First published in 1960, Supposing is a book of speculation, mischief, and paradox.

7. Fine Art Scratch and Sketch $12.99

Create your very own museum, scratching all the way.

8. Squiggles $ 7.95

This special book shows how drawing a simple spiral will let you make a lion’s mane, a beautiful flower, cotton candy, and much, much more.

9. Art-to-Go Set $19.95

A case full of colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, and markers for creative fun on the go.

10. Doodle Wire $14.95

Loop, curl, coil, and swirl soft steel wire into 16 different creations.

Don’t forget, CMA members always receive a discount in the Columbus Museum of Art Museum Store (between 10 and 15 percent). Bring in the coupon from the back of the most recent Art Speaks and receive 25% off your purchase. Also check out these CMA holiday offers for more savings and gift ideas. CMA’s Museum Store is open during regular Museum hours, Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm and Thursdays 10:00 am – 8:30 pm (Closing at 3 pm Thanksgiving and Christmas eves). For more information call 614.221.4848.

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