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The Art Madness Title Goes To:

Thanks to everyone who participated in Art Madness, our version of March Madness for Art Lovers. To put together our bracket we selected some of our most beloved pieces from our permanent collection. Each day we posted a new match on Facebook. Just like the March Madness tournament, there were a few Cinderella stories along the way. Photo Leaguer Ida Wyman and her Sidewalk Clock, NYC beat two titans of the art world, first Henry Moore, then Georgia O’Keeffe. Magic Realist George Tooker had his own Cinderella run, easily beating both Russian Expressionist Alexaj Jawlensy, then Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock.

The final came down to two of our most loved pieces: contemporary sculptor Alison Saar’s Nocturne Navigator, the sculpture we commissioned in honor of the Underground Railroad vs. master Impressionist Edgar Degas’ The Breakfast, one of the the highlights of our Sirak Collection.

And the winner and still champion: Degas.



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