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Join the Hunt: CMA Photo Hunts

Become a modern-day Photo Leaguer by participating in Columbus Museum of Art Photo Hunts. Every few weeks through early September and the run of our critically acclaimed The Radical Camera, we’ll be sending you out with new photo assignments, and an opportunity to flex your creative muscle. Anyone in the world can participate.

Our CMA Photo Hunt assignments are inspired by the Photo League, a group of young photographers from the 1930s-1950s who took to the streets with their cameras just as photography was becoming recognized as an art, and magazines such as Life and Look were forming. Artists in the Photo League were known for capturing sharply revealing, compelling moments from everyday life. Photo Hunts were their way of giving themselves creative challenges, and having fun. During Photo Hunts, Photo Leaguers were sent out to capture a word or phrase, then their work was developed, and they’d have a big party to critique and celebrate.

For the first Photo Hunt assignment here is your challenge:

  • Capture something that reflects the phrase “Sign of the Times.” How you capture it is up to you.
  • Tag your work on Twitter, Flickr or Instagram with #CMAPhotoHunt and #signofthetimes, plus your #city.
  • For the first assignment you have two weeks (until Friday June 1, 2012). After that we’ll be announcing new assignments biweekly.

Along the way we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite CMA Photo Hunt submissions via our blog and social media. Catherine Evans, our William and Sarah Ross Soter Curator of Photography, will select a few of her favorites, and your work might be hanging on the walls at Columbus Museum of Art come this fall.

If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out our The Radical Camera exhibition. Questions about the CMA Photo Hunts? Let us know in the comments. Happy shooting!

(Above photo: Times Square from the Astor Hotel by Photo Leaguer Ruth Orkin).

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CMA's Digital Communications Manager, writer, artist, traveler, film fanatic and local foods lover, former magazine editor turned arts professional, and creator of the CMA Photo Hunt Project
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  1. [...] L’appel à contributions fut lancé en mars 2012 sur le site et blog du CMA. La première photo fut postée en juin, suivie par de nombreuses autres jusqu’au début septembre. Les chasseurs furent inspirés par « the Photo League », un groupe de jeunes photographes qui prirent d’assaut les rues américaines des années 30 aux années 50 au moment où la photographie était reconnue comme un art et que les magazines comme Life et Look apparaissaient dans les kiosques. L’objectif de ces nouveaux artistes étaient de capturer et révéler la vraie vie. [...]

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