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12 for 12: Alice Schille

In the last of our 12 for 12 series celebrating Columbus’ Bicentennial we celebrate Alice Schille.

Acknowledging the contributions of one of Ohio’s most important Impressionists, Alice Schille was a pioneer in the art world. The Columbus native’s talent and drive led her to become one of the few women of her time to make a living as an artist.  Some of her finest works focus on her extraordinary fluency in watercolor and positions her alongside her peers in the development of Modernism and the watercolor movement.

American painters such as Schille reinvented Impressionist painting, creating works with a distinctly American stamp.

“At the turn of the century, Impressionism was the style in this country.  However, we never just copied the French, but each artist gave the style his or her particular American ‘twang,’ “ says Melissa Wolfe, our Curator of American Art.

(Connie (Constance Smith), by Alice Schille. Museum Purchase)

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