La vecchia dell’orto, 3.8x

Frank Stella (American, born 1936)

1986. Oil on canvas, 163 3/4 x 190 1/4 x 32 1/2". 1990.002

Frank Stella is best known for his shaped canvases of the 1960s, which were painted in brightly colored stripes. In the late 1970s, he turned to a bolder, more dynamic expression, creating painted and constructed reliefs such as this one. This piece is number twenty in the Cones and Pillars series. The titles of works in this series are taken from Italian folktales, and they represent Stella’s desire to reintroduce narrative drama into abstract painting. Here, to his stripes and colors of the 1960s, Stella has added a third dimension and a sense of tumultuous motion.

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