Cartelami: Undisclosed Italian Art Film Screening

March 3, 2016
7:00 PM

Cartelami is a recently discovered tradition of ephemeral artifacts installed for centuries throughout northern Mediterranean regions. The artistic practice involved the new medium of cardboard to assemble sets for the Easter week Passion play and transformed the spaces and optics of medieval churches while developing painterly craft as a novel expression for popular worship. Franco Boggero and his colleagues of the Ligurian region arts administration (Beni Culturali) have recently discovered this antique folk art practice in myriad churches of Italy, (Liguria,Tuscany and Sardinia), the Eastern Pyrenees in Spain and Corsica. Boggero will present his 50-minute pilot film about the discovery and restoration of these magnificent tableau—fragile and mysterious—and discuss the ongoing research and that is being developed as part of the Undisclosed Italian Art television series. Free with museum admission. No registration required.