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Giverny Timeline


Forty-two-year-old Claude Monet settles in the village of Giverny with his two sons, Alice Hoschedé, and her six children. They rent an abandoned farmhouse with surrounding land for gardens.

Theodore Robinson


American painters Theodore Robinson and Willard Metcalf come to Giverny in search of Monet.

Hotel Baudy


The Hotel Baudy opens. It caters especially to the influx of painters eager to meet Monet and experience Giverny.

Robinson Portrait of Monet


On November 17, Monet purchases the property at Giverny for 22,000 francs, approximately $91,000 dollars in today's currency.

World War I


At the onset of World War I, many Americans leave Giverny effectively ending the art colony that flourished for nearly thirty years.

Monet's Grave


On December 5, Monet dies and is buried in Giverny.

Michel Monet


After Monet's death, his son Michel inherits the house and gardens, but Monet's stepdaughter Blanche Hoschedé-Monet becomes caretaker for the property.

Blanche with Monet


Blanche Hoschedé-Monet dies.

Ellsworth Kelly


Ellsworth Kelly visits Giverny and gains access to Monet's late paintings, which were stored haphazardly in the studio.

Joan Mitchel


Joan Mitchel moves from New York to France. She later settles in one of Monet's former homes in the village of Vétheuil, about ten miles from Giverny.

Mus´┐Że Marmottan


Michel Monet dies in an automobile accident. He bequeaths his father's house, gardens, and remaining paintings to the French Académie des Beaux Arts. The paintings are housed at the Musée Marmottan in Paris.

Restoration of Giverny


After years of neglect, the restoration of Monet's house and gardens begins under the leadership of Curator Gérald van der Kemp. The Académie des Beaux Arts and American philanthropist Lila Acheson Wallace establish artist-in-residency programs at Giverny.

Newly opened Giverny


The restored Giverny estate opens to the public.

Lucier still


Video artist Mary Lucier visits Monet's gardens and is inspired to create a work linking her native Ohio to the once-again-famous destination for artists.

Art Escapes


Some half million visitors travel to Giverny each year, including thirty-five people from the Columbus Museum of Art's Art Escapes.

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