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Explore the artistry of Ancient Rome at Columbus Museum of Art with this ancient Roman mosaic. More than 300 square feet large and 1,700 years old, this stunning mosaic is one of the world's largest and best preserved. Discovered in 1996 in Lod, Israel, the mosaic is unique in its depiction of exotic animals and ancient sailing ships. Study the mosaic's glorious details and uncover the stories hidden in its imagery. On view for a limited time only at the Columbus Museum of Museum of Art, one of only five US museums (including the Met and the Field museums) to display this Roman treasure. After its US tour the Lod Mosaic will return to its permanent home in Israel.
The Discovery of a Roman Mosaic
See more about the discovery of this ancient Roman mosaic in this video produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art based on footage provided by the Israel Antiquities Authority. See how the Roman mosaic was found (starting with the tail of a tiger), rescued, excavated, conserved, and restored.

Behind the Scenes Installation of a Roman Mosaic Masterpiece
The Lod mosaic was carefully tranported to the Columbus Museum of Art, and put together over the course of several days. Two Israeli conservators spent a week putting the mosaic together.

The Lod Mosaic is on loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Shelby White and Leon Levy Lod Mosaic Center. The exhibition is presented with the support of the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Foundation.

Friends of Marvelous Menagerie: An Ancient Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel
Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein
Joey and Lindsay Schottenstein
Jonathan Schottenstein
Jeffrey Schottenstein

Jane K. and Stanford Ackley
The David Berg Foundation
Rhoma Berlin
Loann W. Crane
Bebe and John Finn
Nelson and Carole Genshaft
Dee Dee and Herb Glimcher
Bob and Marcia Hershfield
Tad and Nancy Jeffrey
The Kridler Family Fund of the Columbus Foundation
George and Nannette Maciejunes
Doug Priesse
W. John and Beth Pritchard
The Ryan Family, in memory of Jane Steigerwald
Michael and Arleen Weiss
Shirley Westwater

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