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March 30, 2012 at


What is the Art Matters endowment and capital campaign?

The Columbus Museum of Art is a museum built for the community, by the community. Generations of families have repeatedly invested in the Museum through their collections, their time, their resources, and their talents. CMA, in turn, has responded by nurturing our outstanding collections and organizing and presenting extraordinary exhibitions and programs. This strong, essential relationship brings people and art together in exciting ways and makes the Museum a true reflection of the community. As the community and the world change, the Museum must keep pace. The Art Matters campaign is our way of keeping pace by transforming our Museum into a twenty-first century experience that fosters creativity. Our vision, created with your input, is to foster a dynamic visitor experience built around a world-class collection, which places CMA at the vanguard of a new movement among art museums that focuses not only on art, but also on visitors and their experiences with art and with each other.


What are the goals of the Art Matters campaign?

Our exciting vision for the future involves the achievement of three goals: sustainability, competitiveness, and public value. Sustainability will ensure that the Columbus Museum of Art’s extraordinary collection, compelling exhibitions, and vibrant programs will inspire generations to come. A competitive Museum will be in a position to attract the best national and international touring exhibitions, borrow incomparable works of art from other museums, and draw crowds to exhibitions, programs, and special events. Public value is that intangible yet invaluable role that we play in making Central Ohio a great place to live, work, and visit. We help to create a vibrant community of citizens, businesses, and organizations, who, in turn, enrich the Columbus Museum of Art.


What has the Art Matters campaign achieved to date?

Art Matters achievements to date have put the Museum on the road to sustainability. As of December 2010, the Museum’s endowment has nearly doubled, increased by endowment and unrealized deferred gifts. More than $14 million in gifts of art or gifts to purchase art also has been received, greatly enhancing the Museum’s collection. The first two phases of the Art Matters capital campaign have been completed on-time and on-budget. Phase One, completed in November 2009, re-purposed the Beaton Hall building as office space which created more public space for visitor experiences. Phase Two of the Art Matters capital campaign, completed in October 2010, brought about the renovation of CMA’s historic Broad Street building, renamed the Elizabeth M. and Richard M. Ross Building, as well as the creation of the dynamic, new Center for Creativity. On October 5, 2011, CMA in collaboration with the City of Columbus and Columbus Recreation and Parks, broke ground on the West Garden, a public green space located west of the Museum off Ninth Street. The West Garden is the next step in CMA’s renovation and expansion plan and was made possible through funds donated by the City of Columbus to CMA’s Art Matters endowment and capital campaign. Scheduled to be completed in May 2012, the West Garden will be free and accessible to the public.


What does the future hold for the Museum?

CMA’s leadership has a strong vision of how to improve our facilities to better serve our mission by adding a new wing to CMA’s current structure. Major priorities for the new wing include creating a new entry and lobby experience and expanded special event and special exhibition spaces. Memories happen in these places – first dates, first glimpses of a Monet, first dances as a married couple. Yet our current space is unable to accommodate large events and many of the world’s biggest and best exhibitions because it no longer meets current museum industry standards. The quality of the Museum’s collection along with CMA’s reputation for innovative programs creates opportunities for unique collaborations with organizations around the world. A bigger space, a livelier space, a more experiential space will highlight the collection and make room for more memories.

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