CMA Photo Hunt Assignment 5: Pride

June 29, 2012 at

For the fifth CMA Photo Hunt assignment here is your challenge:

  • Capture something that reflects the word “Pride.” How you capture it is up to you.

  • Tag your work on Twitter, Flickr or Instagram with #CMAPhotoHunt and #Pride plus your #city.

  • For this next assignment you have until Friday July 13, 2012.

We expect there will be a lot of fireworks submissions, but we challenge you to capture those small moments of pride, as well.

Catherine Evans, our William and Sarah Ross Soter Curator of Photography, will select a few of her favorites, and your creation could grace the walls at Columbus Museum of Art come this fall.

In the fourth Columbus Museum of Art Photo Hunt assignment we challenged you to capture something that reflects the word “Community.” (You have until midnight tonight to submit Community photos). See how people captured and interpreted the first several assignments in the CMA Photo Hunt Gallery.

CMA Photo Hunts are inspired by our The Radical Camera show and the Photo Leaguers, who challenged themselves with assignments that captured a word or phrase. Through the run of The Radical Camera we’ll be posting new photo assignment challenges. Anyone around the world can participate. Photos you have already taken that fit each assignment, are also encouraged.

Catherine has selected some of her favorite photos from the first few assignments. Look for a blog post soon with her choices, and and why they work so well.

Have a great Fourth of July, Doo Dah, Canada Day etc. Happy shooting!

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