Approved Caterer List

The Columbus Museum of Art is pleased to offer catering services for our guests.  We offer a wide variety of menu items that are sure to please everyone.  From hors d’oeuvres to desserts, our in-house catering team can do it all.  Currently, in-house catering is provided by our in-house team, as well as, Sidecar Global Catering.  Catering will be coordinated by your Museum Special Events Team Member. See our Catering Menu.

In House CMA Palette Catering/Sidecar Global Catering In House 614.629.0324
Cameron Mitchell Catering Catering 614.848.4700
Cornucopia Suzanne Karpus 614.231.6323
Creative Cuisine Teri Engel 614.436.4949
Made From Scratch Catering Department 614.873.3344
Metro Cuisine Kathy Bell 614.436.6369
Milo’s Catering Stacy Terman 614.224.0272
Rigsby’s Tasi Rigsby 614.228.1150
Spagio Heather Hewitt 614.486.1114
The Refectory Sandra Lasco 614.451.9774
Two Caterers Carly Ziemer 614.882.7323

The Museum Special Events department will provide a portion of the service staff for all events under the direction of the catering companies.

Catering companies may not provide alcoholic beverages. The Columbus Museum of Art is the only licensed authority to sell and serve liquor for consumption on the premises. All alcohol must be consumed in approved areas of the Museum and cannot be removed from the premises. No alcoholic beverages may be served after Midnight. All bar service personnel shall be hired by the Museum’s Office of Special Events. The client is responsible for payment of the bar service personnel.