Estimating the Cost for your Event

Room Rental
Room rental fees are dependent on day of the week, room, time, and duration of your function. You will only be charged for the time your guests are in the Museum. You will not be charged a room rental fee for set up and tear down.

Food is a per person charge. Cost of food will be dependent on the caterer you choose. Food is subject to 6.75% state sales tax.

The Columbus Museum of Art has a liquor license. All alcoholic beverages must be provided by the Museum. Beverage prices are based on consumption. If you have a special request that is not included on our wine and beverage lists please speak with your Special Events Coordinator. Beverages are subject to 6.75% state sales tax. (Please remember we do card. Guests must have a valid ID or we will be unable to serve them.)

To estimate beverage cost:

Number of guests
X Hours bar is open
X $4.50 (average drink cost)
X 1.5 (average # drinks consumed per hour)
= Estimated beverage cost

You will be assessed a fee of $4.00-$9.00 per person based on the type of event you are having. This fee covers basic linens, napkins, china, silverware, stemware, etc.

Special Order Items
All special order items will be rented by the Museum. You may want items for your function that the museum does not own. These might include specialty linens, crystal glassware, Chivari or white padded chairs, samovars, etc. Your Special Events Coordinator will be happy to arrange for these items.

Items Client Will Contract
There are a few items the Museum does not contract for you. These include entertainment and music, photographer, floral arrangements and centerpieces, and wedding cakes. Your Special Events Coordinator will need the names and numbers of these outside contractors so that delivery and pickup times can be coordinated with our staff.

Service Staff
The number of servers we will staff is dependent on your event. For a dinner we will staff one server per fifteen guests, plus bartenders, and utility staff. For receptions, staff will vary depending on the event, type of menu chosen, etc. These fees include set up and tear down of your event. We begin set up two hours prior to an event, and tear down takes approximately one hour after your event has concluded. If you choose an off premise caterer, some of the service staff and all of the bartenders will be provided by the Museum.

To estimate service fee:

Number of staff
X Number of Hours
X $22.00 per hour
= Charge for service

Parking is complimentary for functions beginning after 5:30 pm. Parking during weekday business hours is limited and arrangements should be made with your Event Coordinator.

Audio Visual
The Museum is able to offer their guests a wide range of audio visual equipment. You will find a price list on page eleven. Anything we do not have in house we will contract for you.

Listed below are examples of charges incurred when hosting a special event at the Museum. Your Special Events Coordinator will be able to help detail your costs.

Event catered by the Palette Cafe

Room Rental
+Equipment usage fee*
+Service staff
+Audio Visual equipment*
+ Tax
=Total Bill

*subject to 6.75% state sales tax

Event catered by an approved caterer

Room Rental
+Service staff
+18% service charge based on cost of food from your caterer
=Total Museum Bill
+Outside Caterer’s bill
=Total Event Bill

Please note you will be billed separately by any outside caterer. We will only bill you for the Museums’ portion of your function.