Upcoming Exhibitions

Art after Stonewall, 1969–1989 
Columbus Museum of Art 
3.6.20 – 5.31.20

Raggin’ On: Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson’s House and Journals
Columbus Museum of Art
7.10.20 – 1.3.21

No Mere Button-Pressers: Clarence H. White, Ema Spencer, and the Newark Camera Club
Columbus Museum of Art 8.1.20 – 12.13.20
The Works, Newark, OH 7.18.20 – 12.28.20

Through Vincent’s Eyes: Van Gogh and His Sources
2.5.21 – 5.2.21


If you are interested in supporting exhibitions at the Museum, please contact Lucy Ackley lucy.ackley@cmaohio.org, 614.629.0351.


[Image: JEB (JOAN E. BIREN), SELF-PORTRAIT DYKE, VA, (detail) 1975/2018. Digital silver halide C-type print. © JEB, Courtesy of the artist]