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What Creativity Can Look and Sound Like

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The bird nest making area in the Wonder Room is one of my favorite places to interact and observe visitors. They create, tell stories, and laugh with each other. What does this creative process look and sound like?

For Gail, Neil, their daughter Jill, and granddaughter Anya, the process was playful and experimental. They approached the table with enthusiasm.

“Let’s play with some other stuff” Neil suggested, as he searched through the materials.

Neil started out playing with the reeds, bending them in different ways. He discovered the twist ties worked well to hold the reeds together. Then he wove the twist ties around the reeds, going over and under repeatedly. Some of the reeds broke, but Neil realized the process was “fun no matter what.” He laughed as he showed his nest to Gail. “There’s no aesthetic goodness to it, but it works!”

Granddaughter Anya then joined in and picked up some materials.

“How do I do this?” she asked Jill.

“I don’t know what comes next; you’ve got to figure it out.”

For Jennifer and Lily, the process was collaborative.

Jennifer told me about their nest, laughing “The more I kept adding to it, the worse it became… Lily added the top part.”

She remembered making a nest with different materials earlier in the summer. She found the new materials to be tricky, but provided more structure.

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Jennifer and Lily happily show me the bird nest they created together.

For Helen and Donna, the process was imaginative.

“I’m pretending an actual bird can move in…making it round… for a chickadee or sparrow.” She explained, while working on her nest. “This takes time, like the twist ties. I’m building up patience.”

 Donna was curious about the materials. “Oh, look at this, someone took string and took it apart, that’s a clever idea.”

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Helen and Donna bending the reeds into circles.

These three stories illustrate creativity in three different ways: Being playful and experimenting, collaborating, and imagining. Yet creativity can look and sound different to everyone. There is no right or wrong way to be creative. Come to the Wonder Room to spark YOUR creativity. Try making a bird nest. What will your creative process look and sound like?

- Kelsey Cyr, CMA Visitor Engagement Coordinator




Inspired by LEGO: A Family Story


LEGO bricks provide inspiration for many families to be creative. We talked with the Gonzalez family, last year’s LEGO DESIGN Challenge winner to get the scoop.

How did you decide what you were going to build? (What were some of the challenges? Any fights or funny stories?)

Our son and daughter worked together to think about what to build. They made up sketches which evolved as the ideas grew. We love penguins in our house so quickly the penguin idea got traction and everyones’ agreement. Once we started building, our biggest challenge was to get the kids to go to bed before they fell asleep at the table.  We worked every night- sorting, building… and would lose track of time. After seeing the Lego Movie, we decided, my husband Ricky is the original “Lord Business.” He would love to Krazy glue everything down.  But, lets the kids constantly move and change pieces and figures.


First sketch of idea:

sketch 1

2nd sketch to elaborate how to use Penguin

sketch 2

What else do you guys build with LEGOs?

Ricky built with Lego since he was a kid and has passed on his love of Legos to us all.  Our favorite thing he built is a miniature of our house.  The kids gave him the Death Star a few birthdays ago.  They built that together working every morning before school for weeks.  Having Lego projects means everyone gets up early in our house!

How else is your family creative?

We all enjoy being creative.  Ricky works in a creative job and has a BA in fine art.  We volunteer our arts/creative energy for many local and school projects.  We have a great passion for the arts, fashion, design and music.

Want to have your LEGO creation on display at the museum? Participate in this year’s 2014 LEGO DESIGN Challenge. Be a master builder and help build a new Columbus from LEGO bricks. Submissions due by October 17, 2014.