Renaissance Festival at CMA

August 13, 2022
11:00 AM–3:00 PM

Location: CMA

CMA partners with the Ohio Renaissance Festival to bring the best of the Renaissance to Central Ohio. Combine fantasy and history on this special day where you can preview the amazing vendors and performers from the Ohio Renaissance Festival and also enjoy the exhibition Raphael—The Power of Renaissance Images.

Come in costume and receive BOGO admission. As always, members are free.

Update on what is acceptable to wear, the Museum cannot accommodate:
• Items worn on the back (including backpacks, child carriers, or costume accessories)
• Items that can cause touch or trip hazards (including selfie sticks, umbrellas, or implements of magic)
• Weapons of any make or model (including firearms, axes, swords, and maces)
• Please no wings, wands, swords, or staves.

We do encourage puffy shirts, peasant skirts, vests, crowns, and pointy shoes
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