Time and Reflection: A Conversation with Darlene Taylor on Reimagining Lost Stories in Prose and Textile

July 24, 2022
2:00–3:00 PM

Location: CMA

Slavery and the segregation of Jim Crow often muted, distorted, and obscured stories of Black life, Black girls, and Black women. How does a fiction writer mine history for those who lived and created and gave birth to their identity and selves in new tellings of the ways things were? Inaugural Aminah Robinson Writer-in-Residence Darlene Taylor, M.F.A. uses prose and textiles to examine the ways ancestors crafted visibility and demanded to be seen. Darlene Taylor is a Washington DC artist and Howard University lecturer. Read more about Darlene receiving the first Aminah Robinson Writer in Residence award here.

Aminah Robinson Scholar-In-Residence Terrance Dean, Ph.D. and Taylor will discuss the ways storytelling recovers histories, biographies, and lives of Black girls and Black women who lived in the margins, often ignored in public history. This talk will tend to the lives, stories, and words drawn from ancestors whose lives haunt us, guiding us toward ways of knowing they were here and understanding what they must have felt.

This program is free with registration.
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