September 07, 2013 – June 21, 2014


In the Inaugural Exhibition, we take a look back, connecting the threads of experiences, artists and galleries, forming Ron Pizzuti as a collector.

A chance encounter with a painting show of Frank Stella’s in Paris some 40 years ago captured Ron’s attention and resulted in a relationship with the artist that has become an important cornerstone of his collection.

The first purchase of art, a print by Karel Appel, blossomed into a significant relationship with Pace Gallery.

A review of Susan Rothenberg’s show led Ron to the Sperone Westwater gallery in New York in 1987.

This exhibition reflects just a small number of the gallery relationships that have contributed to this collection. Many of these dealers have become trusted friends and advisors to the Pizzutis.


Over the years Ron’s interest in art has increasingly focused on the next generation of emerging artists from around the globe. He is open to a wide range of media and this part of his collection reflects the breadth and richness of the contemporary art world.

Guatemalan artist Dario Escobar’s Obverse and Reverse plays with the rise in popularity of soccer worldwide, surpassing religion as a unifying cultural phenomenon.

Israeli born, London based Ori Gersht’s films and photographs focus on landscape, specifically trees, symbolizing history and how we remember, confronting the paradox of beauty and destruction.

Politics in the 1st floor main gallery is a selection of works representing the diversity of approaches, materials and subjects. Politics and other hot issues are not avoided; rather, difficult, challenging and tough are adjectives that describe many of the important works in the collection.


Robert Buck
John Chamberlain
Dave Cole
Jean Dubuffet
Dario Escobar
Jim Hodges
Guillermo Kuitca
Louise Nevelson
Duke Riley
Andrea Salvetti
Frank Stella
Ezri Tarazi
Richard Tuttle
Ai Weiwei

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