September 06, 2014 – January 10, 2015

A film series by the highly acclaimed Israeli-born, London-based artist. Over the course of Fall 2014, a series of three forceful video portraits will be on view in the Pizzuti Collection black box, each connecting moments of quiet contemplation with difficult histories and anguished realties. Ron and Ann Pizzuti have collected Ori Gersht’s work in depth over the last decade, but this focused show concentrates attention on only three films (each nearly 15 minutes in length), giving time to explore the stories and reflect on the history that inspired them. The Columbus Museum of Art will host Ori Gersht: Still Life, a simultaneous show of Gersht’s photography and other works on loan from Pizzuti Collection.

  • Evaders, 2009 (on view September 6 – October 11) a poetic and heart-wrenching retelling of Walter Benjamin’s attempt to escape Nazi-occupied France.
  • Will You Dance For Me, 2011 (on view October 16 – November 15) portrays Yehudit Arnon, a Holocaust survivor and founder of one of the most important modern dance companies in Israel, and her defiance while at Auschwitz.
  • The Offering, 2013 (on view November 18 – January 10) confronts the glamorous and treacherous world of bullfighting, its dazzling spectacle and often-gruesome outcomes.

Supported in part by the Ohio Arts Council


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