August 01 – August 31, 2012

In Fall 2011, a year before the Pizzuti Collection would open in its new permanent home in the renovated historic building in Columbus, Ohio, a small preview exhibition was presented to introduce the Pizzuti Collection to the public. ‘Teasers: Selected Works from the Pizzuti Collection by Women Artists’ was designed to give a taste of what’s to come and to introduce ourselves to the community.

Selecting work by only women artists was a way to demonstrate the wide range of art in the collection while maintaining a focus. The exhibition consists of works from various media in fine art and design. Beauty does not discriminate; it is found in all forms: in design objects and furniture, glass and silver, as well as in the fine arts. As the show demonstrates, Ron Pizzuti’s keen eye and sense of wonder takes him from our backyard in Ohio to the countryside in India, responding to individual voices around the globe.

Margarita Cabrera
Sarah Cain
Moyna Flannigan
Pia Fries
Linda Gall
Daina Higgins
Glenda León
Kelly McLane
Allison Miller
Shirin Neshat
Mie Olise
Maria Pergay
Sandra Ramos
Hiroe Saeki
Joan Semmel
Mindy Shapero
Ranjani Shettar
Janaina Tschäpe
Kara Walker
Suling Wang

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