February 07, 2015 – June 20, 2015

TOMORY DODGE, a mini-exhibition within NOW-ISM: Abstraction Today, features joyous and exuberant paintings, collages, prints, and watercolors by the Los Angeles based artist Tomory Dodge.Ron and Ann Pizzuti have been collecting works at every phase of this young artist’s career, including early paintings and prints that depict empty landscapes, abandoned cars, icebergs, and lone cacti in energetic rainbows of lush opaque colors. The more recent abstract works demonstrate Dodge’s fascinating and physical paint handling. He pulls and maneuvers pigments across brightly striped canvases with scrapes and drags. For Dodge, the artistic process of painting is constantly searching for equilibrium between image and object. It is as if his laborious and thoughtful approach to painting is a way of testing the canvas surface to see how much it can handle. The exhibition includes two of Tomory Dodge’s most recent paintings from his November 2014 show at CRG Gallery in New York City.

Sponsored in part by: Michael & Arlene Weiss, Carol & David Aronowitz.


Artist Talk: Los Angeles Painter Tomory Dodge by Tristan Eden, Columbus Monthly.

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