Hudson Bay Fur Company

Reginald Marsh (American, 1898 - 1954)

1932. Oil on canvas, 30 x 40". 1956.001

Reginald Marsh admired the old masters—especially Rubens, Titian, and Rembrandt—for their realism as well as their skill in drawing and rendering. The visual impact of Marsh’s work owes much to his own accomplished drawing and to the texture he built up from thin washes of color. Having worked as a freelance illustrator for newspapers and magazines in New York City, Marsh had a keen eye for that city’s unusual sights. In this work, young women mix fashion with burlesque, as they model furs for passersby in a second-floor shop window in Union Square. They are presented as if they were on a lighted stage, set above the viewer at street level.

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