An Insider’s View with CMA’s Sessions Society

Sessions Society

Are you genuinely interested in art in Central Ohio? If so, the Sessions Society of the Columbus Museum of Art is a great group to join. Sessions Society provides members with the opportunity to see a variety of art forms, from glass to textiles to paintings, from a variety of movements and eras, whether it be contemporary, folk art, early Renaissance, to Impressionism. These opportunities are provided through regular gatherings at art galleries and private homes in Central Ohio.

On a recent Friday evening about 30 Sessions members had the opportunity to visit longtime arts supporter Loann Crane in her home at Miranova. Loann’s eclectic art collection includes everything from ancient wood carved doors, pieces by Aminah Robinson and Denny Griffith, folk art, glass, and more. The evening began with Sessions members enjoying some wine and appetizers as they explored Loann’s home. After a welcome by Sessions President Lyn Savidge, Loann Crane provided us with an overview of some of her favorite pieces as well as her collection philosophy. It was inspiring to hear her speak about how she collects pieces that catch her eye and she likes, as opposed to having a deliberate or curated plan for her collection. Several of us noted that hearing her speak gave us the courage to be more playful when it comes to buying art of interest, especially since Loann made it seem so easy to have a piece from hundreds of years ago and halfway around the world installed beside a painting by a contemporary folk artist from right here in Columbus.

With one-of-a-kind opportunities to see collections you might not otherwise have access to see and to learn in detail about artists, the art community, and collectors from throughout Central Ohio, it is understandable to see why Sessions is so much fun for so many of us. Becoming a Sessions member is easy——you can find out more information by visiting the CMA volunteer page.  I hope you will join now, as these next few months have great Sessions gatherings coming up!

-Subha Lembach, CMA Museum Volunteer