Conceptual Maps #MyCMAStudio Challenge

Explore your favorite local destination in a new light by using map searches, floor plans and pictures for a creative map experience.

What places have you always wanted to travel to or what local institutions do you wish to visit soon? Perform an online search and print out the driving or walking instructions. Include aerial, street view or satellite maps of the location. Can you find a floor map that you replicate? Highlight the route you would take to get there. Use paint or markers to color in neighborhoods, streets or points of interest along the way.

Mix up all the maps pieces into a new mixed media blueprint of your destination. Does your map take on a grid shape or is it more conceptual?

Attached are CMA maps you can use as backgrounds and references:

CMA Parking Map

Share your creations on our social media by tagging us at #myCMAstudio. We’ll share our favorites.

Megan Green brings more than a decade of creative entrepreneurship into her role at CMA as the Manager of Studio of Initiatives. She’s shared her passion for supporting artists through her direction at Craftin’ Outlaws and Midwest Craft Con.

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