The Story Behind Our LEGO Schokko

Read the story behind our Lego Schokko, described by one of our docents Sheryl Ellcessor.
“In the spring of 2015 a group of docents took a Road Scholar trip to Philadelphia. While there, Wendy Johnson, Marilyn Donahue, and I toured the Nathan Sawaya ‘Art of the Brick’ exhibition at The Franklin Institute. We were amazed at the works he made out of Legos, but especially enamored with the Lego paintings. We came back to Columbus with an idea to have the CMA docents make a Lego painting for the next Lego exhibit in the fall.
As Docent Chair that year, I asked Wendy Johnson and Marilyn Donahue to lead this special project. It was decided that Schokko would make a great painting since she was our informal mascot and had a wonderful array of colors. We worked with an online Lego site to determine how to lay out the Legos and what sizes/colors we would need. Merilee Mostov gave us a large tub of Legos, many docents contributed Legos, and we purchased the colors that were not in a standard set. Wendy and Marilyn created a grid with instructions and coordinated the entire group of docents working on the piece when they were in the museum. It only took a couple weeks to complete our Lego Schokko. We had Lego Schokko framed at Reed Arts. That fall the museum included our Lego Schokko in the Lego exhibit and it has been included each year.”