beecoming home art gallery

April 28, 2023
10:00 AM–5:00 PM

Location: CMA

View selected works from the Bee Collective’s beecoming home art gallery exhibition, a collaboration between local Columbus artists and bees during Art in Bloom weekend, April 28–30.

The Bee Collective’s Mission Statement is to create pollinator habitat throughout the major metropolitan areas of Central and Northeast Ohio and provide enthusiastic environmental education for the city’s schools and corporations. To do this, the bee collective maintains 19 “wild spots," supports 27 beehives in 9 different apiaries, and builds native bee boxes to further support native bee populations.

The goal of this project was to connect work from artists in this community to the honeybees in a way that truly binds our culture and nature. Creating a true physical symbol of our initial steps to merge these two cornerstones in Franklinton, Ohio. As the honeybees fill spaces, build comb, and fill the cracks to fit their needs, they are a reminder that we do this in our own lives.

Viewing the gallery is free with admission.

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