Chocolate for Your Thoughts


This summer I am spearheading several gallery experiments in order to gather input from people like you for future and ongoing projects.

First up: The Label Experiment, which took place last Wednesday. The goal of this experiment was to gather feedback about the works of art currently on display in the glass case bordering the Wonder Room.

The Innovation Lab down the hall from the glass case was a perfect location for this experiment. I covered the Lab walls with photocopies of the objects in the glass case. Then I invited people to come inside, write their questions and wonderings about the featured objects on Post-it notes, and stick them on the photocopies. As a thank you, I offered candy bars to all participants.


Phase #1 of this experiment was a success. People of all ages – visitors, interns, and CMA staff – took time to compose thoughtful questions and wonderings about the works of art. I am encouraged and slightly overwhelmed by the amount of responses. Now it is my job to consider all of this information as I create labels and activities to engage visitors in meaningful ways with these works. It will be an interesting task and I am thrilled to have visitor feedback to guide me.

If you visit CMA this summer, chances are you may stumble across another gallery experiment. I hope you will make time to join in because your opinions matter. Your feedback will make an impact on our decisions.

And, besides, I still have a large stash of candy bars to share.