September Construction Update

Construction of the Columbus Museum of Art’s new wing and the renovation of the Ross Wing, an addition the Museum built in 1974 that housed the Museum’s lobby and temporary exhibition space are moving along and we’re excited to share our progress.

Over the coming months, we will be posting brief monthly updates outlining our progress and letting you know what to look for in the near future.

Behind that beautiful façade…

  • The last few weeks of construction have largely been focused on installing the copper, limestone and granite that will encase the building. And, while the exterior is truly lovely, the really interesting part of this phase of the construction is what is happening behind the scenes.

IMG_5284 IMG_5337

  • The Zahner pre-patinated “Star Blue” copper is being deployed on the upper gallery using a proprietary system designed by Keith Panel Systems, Vancouver, BC ( The reveal system is arranged in a pattern scripted by the architect. Certain panels are perforated and screen a discreet light source that changes the character of the building in the evening. It also creates a barrier that protects the building from rain and wind. The systems are used frequently in Vancouver and were incorporated in the Olympic Village building erected for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
  • The copper panels themselves are works of art. Each panel is like a little Monet. Both are delicate; you use white gloves to handle them, micro-foam to protect them, and specially-designed carts with individual vertical racks to prevent damage when transporting them.