Doors Closed, Hearts Open: Columbus Businesses and Artists are Getting Creative During the Pandemic

DJ Moxy has launched her own internet radio show called “InMix With Moxy Martinez.”

Columbus Museum of Art plays host to more than 250 events each year, spanning from corporate gatherings, galas, and weddings, to intimate artist panels, art making workshops, and our pièce de résistance, Wonderball. Each event requires not only hard work and detailed planning from museum staff, but also participation and collaboration with the Columbus community. We rely on local businesses, artists, and musicians for nearly every event at CMA and are grateful to be part of such a vibrant and supportive local scene. We encourage you to see how they have been getting creative during the pandemic, and send them some love in whatever ways you see fit.

Due to COVID-19, it seems as though the entire city has been shut down. Doors are closed and streets are empty, but so many people have been working tirelessly to make a living and provide for their community. The museum has had to temporarily close its doors and put all of our in-person events on hold, so while we’re unable to support Columbus vendors in conventional ways, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate some of the incredibly generous and dedicated businesses and individuals we’ve had the pleasure of working with. 

Land Grant is not only offering next day delivery, but they’ve also installed a drive-through window for pick up at their Town Street brewery. Make a donation to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and they’ll even throw in a complementary LG koozie and button.

Seventh Son continues to offer in-store pickup and now provides free next-day delivery for larger orders. Each week, they give away a different gift with each order, like branded shirts and pint glasses, to keep community spirits alive.

In addition to ongoing in-store pick up for spirits, Middle West’s distillery has diverted much of its alcohol production to producing hand sanitizer for front-line responders in the Columbus area. The first 50,000 units of hand sanitizer were allocated free of charge to local EMS and shelters.

Simple Times Mixers are offering free shipping on orders of $20 or more. They’ve also launched several campaigns including a GoFundMe to help support STM team members who are feeling the effects of Coronavirus.

In addition to creating new original music, DJ Moxy has launched her own internet radio show called “InMix With Moxy Martinez” that airs biweekly. She says “ it’s a way to keep myself engaged not only with my own creative process, but also a way to stay connected with my friends, family, supporters, and people all over the world.”

With an already robust social media presence featuring a new theme for each day of the week, DJ Krate Digga is kicking it up a notch. On April 27th, he produced a full album from scratch in a single day. It appeared on Instagram Live and featured roughly a dozen artists and collaborators who helped contribute to the project. Krate says, “the main mission of this project is to show that while we can’t be together, we can still create together.”

The Streetlight Guild is working with the Johnstone Fund for New Music to create a 6-week live streamed concert series called “Culture in the Time of Corona.” According to the nonprofit, “The purpose of these performances is to provide musicians with much-needed income, as many of them have experienced cancelled gigs due to public health concerns, and to provide the public at large with much-needed musical therapy during an unprecedented time of crisis.”


– Charlotte Stack is the Internal Events Manager for Columbus Museum of Art. She coordinates and executes more than100 events with the Museum annually from intimate art-making activities to major fundraisers.